Q&A: How A Former Model Built A Dream School In Ethiopia

Atti Worku, a former computer geek-turned-Miss Universe contestant who graduated cum laude from Columbia University with a BA in sustainable development, had a dream to help children in her native Ethiopia. – See more at: http://afkinsider.com/90947/qa-how-a-former-model-built-a-dream-school-in-ethiopia/#sthash.aNOP9xLC.dpuf

A decade ago Seeds of Africa was merely an idea Worku had to create an educational program in Adama, Ethiopia, and ultimately build what she now calls the Dream School, a school meeting international educational standards for Ethiopian students.

Seeds of Africa Foundation is a community enhancement and development program that seeks to create a sustainable and independent Africa through education, stability and mentoring for gifted, underprivileged youth, so that they may become leaders of change in their continent.

Worku planted the seeds for her dream school back in 2005 by initially starting her organization. By 2008 the program and school was up and running.

The program, which is located in Ethiopia, has its headquartered in New York City, Worku’s home since 2005.

Today, the organization has a school with more than 50 students along with community-based programs for their families, including adult literacy classes, career development counseling, and even a micro-finance program to help women start small businesses.

It has been successful in fundraising, especially in gaining support from the U.S. philanthropic community – including a $1 million grant from the Alexander Soros Foundation, a major philanthropic American foundation.
AFKInsider had a chat with Worku on what the school is all about and how the program has grown over the years.

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