Ethiopian artist talks past, present, future of Ethiopia

Ethiopian photographer talks past, present, future of Ethiopia
Aida Muluneh talks to the audience about her early years, discovery of photography and the meaning of her work in Matthews Hall on Friday.
Anna Poznyak | Senior Photographer

Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno” inspired the photo that brought Ethiopian photographer Aida Muluneh to the forefront of the photography world.

The photo features a model staring straight at the camera, arms folded around herself. Her skin is painted completely white barring a vertical line of black dots down the center of her body and hands dyed blood-red.

“I come from a very orthodox religion, you know,” Muluneh said. “It’s basically the notion that you die and either go to heaven or hell. And my main thing was that the inferno’s actually, we’re living inside of it. So for me you don’t have to die to find the inferno. You can find it within yourself, you can find paradise within yourself.”


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