1. AddisZefen we love your ethiopian music playlists and the website is really one of the best Ethiopian website to watch ETV and Ethiopian dramas.

  2. I am not able to watch EBC online in Europe although it works in Ethiopia. Would you please suggest how I can access, in German for instance?

  3. እንዴት ናችሁ ኢቢሲዎች በኢንተርኔት ልከታተል ብየ ኣልሰራ ኣለኝ ምን ይሆን ችግሩ?

  4. It is amazing web site I am always on ur site cuz of ur music list it and the other stuffs, really like it, keep it up!!!

  5. Betam des yemil website new “all in one” ethio and eritrea music, almost All ethiopian Tv channels. Gin lemin App yelewum. Addiszefen App binorew yebelete yihon neber.

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