Ethiopian Documentary – Endegena

"Axumite Debre Damo Church"
Axumite Debre Damo Church

A documentary about the past and the present state of Ethiopia and The Ethiopian Renaissance.

Ethiopian Documentary – Endegena Part 1

Ethiopian Documentary – Endegena Part 2

Ethiopian Documentary – Endegena Part 3

Ethiopian Documentary – Endegena Part 4

PM Meles Zenawi ETV Interview with Meskerem Getachew Part I

PM Meles Zenawi ETV Interview with Meskerem Getachew Part II

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  1. hey guys, you need to edit this video before you put it online.Ireland had never been in drought 30 years ago.This is a major flaw.The person commenting on Ireland does not seem to know history.
    Overall, the effort is good.

  2. This what our grand fathers and mothers did in their times. The unpassed and unpassable generation! But look how dead we are! We do nothing and haven’t tried to do anything in our times (now). We talk, yes we are nice talkers!

    Anyway good documentary and truly Ethiopian. I am proud of our fathers!!!!

  3. batam magelate akatane westane batam naw yatasamane leye film naw ethiopia eko leyu nate awa leyu ox fordu gen ethiopian aygaltatem

  4. Can someone please tell me all you can about the soundtrack I heard on this documentary. It really made me cry, literally. Goes something like, “…Wiha temagne enen, wey enen, talak sime lemagne hone, wey enen….” And with the pictures on the background showing the ’77 drought (’85 European cal’r), I just couldn’t stop weeping. Yeah I know men aren’t supposed to cry but in my defense, I’m a diaspora who haven’t been to Ethiopia in over 8 years. So let me know what you got.! tnx.

  5. Good documentary! I was watching a BBC documentary on Ethiopia the other day. Both made me feel bad about all our pasts, but there seems a hope across the horizon, which, I hope, will be realized and make us proud of ourselves if we all keep working hard towards good. Meskerem (producer), keep up your good work !!!

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