Big Brother Africa: Ethiopian teacher Betty get laid on camera

BBA Betty bolt Sex evidence
As the rest of the Housemates in the Diamond house slept after an exhausting day of nominations, Betty and Bolt did the unimaginable with cameras recording their every move.

Whether it is Betty’s being head of house that is giving both her and lover Bolt the confidence to go over board or just raging hormones, the two love birds have given up on trying to keep their hands off each other.

As the rest of the Housemates in the Diamond house slept after an exhausting day of nominations, Betty and Bolt did the unimaginable with cameras recording their every move. The infrared technology captured them under the covers as they turned and twisted.

Covered in a grayish duvet, the ten-minute video clip shows Bolt busy doing his sex-partner who, looked every inch positioned in one target friendly starfish position. After what looked a moment of suffocation, she slowly uncovered their face as Bolt continued to thrust away.

Like they had forgotten all about the 24/7 camera surveillance, the duo finally uncovered selves with Bolt exhausted like one who had travelled a 20 kilometer stretch, carrying fifty kilograms of cement. An equally exhausted Betty was clearly naked and simply lay still like a log as her boyfie drilled her deeper.

After the show, Betty passed Bolt the ‘hoe’ and he is seen cleaning self beneath the duvet before he lay ‘lifelessly,’ facing in the opposite direction as Betty caressed her southern region before she also ‘collapsed,’ her head covered in the heap of the pillows. The two have been spending every night in Bolt’s bed and we guess this is the first of many more interesting nights. Video sourced from Kakensa’s Media.

[] Part 1- Sierra Bolt and Ethiopian… door naijablogger


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  1. She doesnt represent the big, historical and uncolonized country ETHIOPIA. Our country has so many icons like our athlets, emporer h silassie, emperor menelik II. After all she is origin of human being. Generally, what she did solely reveal her personality, not habeshans.

  2. So what? The big brother shows are supposedly sexually oriented and full of drama.
    This is NOT a national competition. Everybody prostitutes, both in and out of Ethiopia. Some for the money, in case of Betty, and some for attention, including those writing crap about Betty.

    get a life and leave her alone.

    • ante mutcha bewnetu kehone min endemileh alwkim get alife my ass ur z one who shoud get a life who r u to talk about life genius!this has nothing to do with life ‘dr.phil’.get a show lol.

    • Apparently you are also writing. Maybe you should first get a life before you open your mouth. Sex mean thing but to be so desperate and embarrass her and the country she want to represent is disgusting. I don’t know how old you are be you should know this…

  3. What is new here? U did not know this or non heard about? Please let her enjoy. There bitches in Addis on street sex working and in all north Ethiopian towns and cities too. No difference, sex is sex caught on camera or seen on bare eye or hidden. I feel most Ethiopians are still in the 14th century. Wake up guys.

    • ante duz jst b/c we’r in the 21st century doesn’t mean we should act like a hoe.comon dude ur z one who should wake up!

    • There are many million ethiopians doing the same in country side. It becomes the culture of the recent generation! She did correct.

  4. To those who are calling her bitch, slut, etc..get a life seriously. This is why in Ethiopia HIV is increasing tremendously. Sex is a taboo and something to be shy about it. Having a safe sex willingly and with protection doesn’t make you slut. She is an adult and as an adult she has full right to do what she pleases. And for those who is claiming she shamed the country, tell me one thing you have done that has brought a great honorary. Yes…absolutely nothing except sit around and judge people. If the guy did the same thing, I am sure it would not be this big of a deal. Get over your nobody and have no right to judge and acclaim someone shamed country. Ignorant- is what this is.

    • Hey Ass, are u suggesting b/c high HIV rate all adult should do it in TV with protection. you are Ignorant about your own culture, no respect about who you are and have no idea about right and wrong. for you information Sex is a Taboo in ever culture around the world. Wey ATAMRI Wey ATAFRI ale Yehageray Sew.

      • Before I start my explaining my point of view, if you want to have a legitimate argument do not start with calling someone an “ass”. It made you sound like an Uneducated person, which is clearly incapable of withstanding different opinion than his/hers. This is my view about sex. For centuries it has been something not to talk about openly, but kids are doing it secretly. Giving them knowledge of the danger of having sex is important, but it is also important to tell them on how to have safe sex. And when you say you have “no respect for your culture” my culture is filled with beauty and astonishing achievement known to mankind-but judging a person is not one of them. And from religious perspective – There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? James 4:12. You sin I sin, we all sin, but he is the Creator is the only one that can judge us. Regarding Betty’s situation, she is an adult and the right to make a decision. She should not be shamed and put down. I saw a lot of degrading comment from a lot of people, which I found it profound because they do worst things than her. Unfortunately her situation was publicized. And for your information I am psychology student who is doing her master, so I am considered educated.

    • Oh Mr. educated. Why don’t you then start teaching about safe sex since you sound to know and am sure Betty will be your assistance teacher.

      And for your information I am psychology student who is doing her master, so I am considered educated

      Correction, “who is doing masters, not doing her masters

      • First it is a she not a Mr. And when I said who “is doing her masters”-I am referring to myself(please re-read the paragraph before jumping into conclusion). So literally what you said doesn’t make sense. I was going to reply with constructive criticism, however you have left me nothing to critic. Instead of having a valid argument, you want to state what I said in your own words. You sound like you are angry, am sorry get over it there are many people who have different opinion than you. If you have something you feel like you need to discuss, I will gladly like to hear your points of view. That being said there is a wonderful article that relates parents having a conversation with their children brings a different outcome for their future(including sex education). If you would like I will post the study. FYI if Betty wants to promote safe sex I will gladly be by her side. And you should come if you need to learn more about it.

        • Hi Sir even though u r psychologist we have to consider our values & cultures.Further more, Betty have the right to have sex but it is disgusting to have it in front of camera considering the impact that leaves within her friends & Family. In America there was a teacher teaching for 3 years, after a time she was identified that she was a porn star. The community didn’t leave by saying that is her rite but immediately terminated not only from the school but from the State.

        • Let us talk some logic. She represents a nation called Ethiopia. Then, I hope she knows the difference between shameless and decent acts according to the Ethiopian culture. when we say we despise theft, it does not mean there are no thieves in Ethiopia.In the same manner when we say we despise open sex it does not mean there are no immoral sexual practices in Ethiopia. culture is not about the act of individuals rather it is about values & beliefs of the people. I think she broke these values and rules; that could be her mistake. She should have been given some training before taking part in what you call BBA.

        • I completely agree with you, people should mind their own business, why should any of you care about what she does with her body its not like she raped the dude. people are just judging her cause the have nothing better to do with their lives. and remember when you point a finger 3 point back at you, so take it easy people. its not your place to judge.

  5. let us here from here, is she happy or proud of what she did?

    if it just raging hormones (pls let us restrain ourselves from situations leading to this )

    or confidence to go over board (she brought shame on herself, her family, women, country humanity. she need to get lesson)

  6. Everyone must know that Betty is in South Africa not for Olympic or other tornament under Ethiopia and its national flag . I don’t know why most peoples throw bad words towards her . She is our sister after all we can’t deny. so let’s accept her with the weakness . When she will realize , she will ask for excuses to her family, students, friends and especially to her boy friend .

  7. She is a disgrace to the proud people of Ethiopia. Some say she can do what ever she want and she has done it. But we have a also a right to say what ever we want and we majority Ethiopians are calling her bitch (yerekesech rasuan yawaredch). People have right to say what ever they want on any issue. Every one of are judjed by our acts. We certainly have the right to judge her. What she did is an immoral act. Our constition since Hailselassie times punishes people who commute an immoral act. The company that hire her should immidiately fire her because she ugly role model. We do not want our sisters and kids follow the footstep of a usless bitch. The govt should also ban her travelling right let alone owning travelling agent

  8. በቆሻሻዋ ቤቲ የእኛ ባንዲራ እና የታላቁ ባለ ታሪክ የራሱ የተለየ ስብዕና ያለው ሕዝባችን አይወከልም ፡፡ በጣም ያሳዝናል ለሕዝባቸው ስብዕና ታሪክ ማንነት የማይቆረቆሩ እንደ ቤቲ አይነት ሰይጣኖችን ማየት በጣም ያሳምማል ፡፡ ሰሞኑን በመላው ዓለም በቀጥታ በቴሌቭዥን በቀጥታ እየተላለፈ በሚገኘው በቢግ ብራዘር አፍሪካ ዝግጅት ላይ ኢትዮጵያን ወክያለው የምትለው ቤቲ ያደረገችው ቆሻሻ እና ወራዳ ተግባር ሁላችንንም በዓለም ላይ አንገታችንን ያስደፋ ለማንኛውም ሰው ለመምህራን ለምታስተምራቸው ተማሪዎች አርአያ የማይሆን አሳዛኝ ርካሽ ተግባር ነው ፡፡ በዓለም ያለንን ጥሩ ገፅታ የሚያቆሽሽ የሴት እህቶቻችንን ክብር የሚያዋርድ አሳዛኝ ተግባር ነው ፡፡ ቤቲ መላው የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ ቤተሰቦቿን የተማረችበትን ትምህርት ቤት የምታስተምርበትን ትምህርት ቤት በውርደት አንገታችንን ያስደፋች አሳፋሪ ወረዳ ኢትዮጵያን የማትወክል ክብረ ቢስ ሴት ነች ፡፡ ይህ ባንዲራ በብዙ ጀግኖች አባቶቻችን እና እናቶቻችን የሕይወት መስዋዕትነት በአጥንት እና በደም ነው ለዚህ የደረሰው ፡፡ በፍፁም ይህንን ባንዲራ እንደ ቤቲ አይነት ቆሻሻ ሰው እንኳን ልትይዘው ሊትነካውም ሞራላዊ ብቃት እና ስብዕና የላትም !!!

  9. I guess she represent ethiopia…what a whore… typical fame hungry ethiopian bitch…i hope she dont come back

  10. Gobez…Teregagu! did anyone notice her consistent position? He was acting as if it was side sex, but her position was missionary type! They’re bluffing…kikiki

  11. Leave her alone. She just have sex with non-Ethiopian guy. Most comments seem out of jealousy. Good girl Betty. Do it again and again.

  12. t’s my first time seeing this girl. Was I shocked? Yes. Was I shocked an Ethiopian did this absolutely not. Whether we like it or not we have gays, lesbians,pedophiles,murderers,thieves just like every single country in the world. “Culture” is one thing, reality is another….Look around you

  13. Poor girl. It happens to the best of us. I hope she can recover from this and rise above it. Madonna, Vanessa Williams, and more have risen. I hope she will too. Only blessings and love.

  14. she is a typical whore. She never represent an Ethiopian. I know her… she used to be bitch around Concord. Now she got a chance …. she sold her pussy for free! shame for you bitch.

    • When do Ethiopians ever going to learn to MIND THIER fUCKIng Business? Instead of running around sticking ur nose in everyone’s business, we should strive n motivate each other to educate n have bright future than worrying about something irrelevant. Just Ethiopia was never colonize doesn’t not mean they didn’t adopt western culture. Stop the non sense n go back to ur everyday life n make something out of yourself.

  15. እናትሽ አሁን አንቺን የወለደችበትን ማህፀን እንዴት ትጠላው! ቤተሰቦችስ በሚኖሩበት፣ የሚሰሩበት ስፍራ አንገታቸውን ደፍተው እንዲሄዱ አረግሽ! አንቺ ደደደደደደደደደብ! አዘንኩላቸው ባንቺ እየተማሩ ላሉ ተማሪዎች! አዘንኩለት ለምታስተምሪበት ትምህርት ቤት!

  16. Whatta evil doing is it.This is really not Expected from Ethiopian ladies.Amazingly, before they have Smart examples for their people.why now?why?why?

  17. What she did is not good.Cos of it is live but what we do every where is clear in the eyes of God!Are you yourself clear from such wrong doings?????Forgive us God!In Jesus name!

  18. In the first place, sex is not a sin by itself. You guys don’t know her plan with Bolt. Second I don’t understand what culture you guys are talking about. Ethiopia is a country where cheating on husband or wife(Wushima meyaz)was not a taboo till in our parents’ time. There is a saying “Kebal kewishima yetignaw des yilal:
    Batir zelo sihed wushime des yilal”
    You like it or not, this is who we are. Why you creat an identity from nothing. See the most loved singer Tilahun Gesesse. He was not said “Bale tidarina yezih yahil lijoch abat” when he was buried. This is who we are. When have we started counting on the ‘wrong’ doings of our heroes. Let Betty does whatever she wants, kiss your shame yourself.

  19. I don’t think anybody should be giving a damn about her doing what she did. It’s her life and whatever she did might make her proud or make her to never want to see the daylight. But it’s her business entirely.

  20. We came up with that. Where people start to value money above all other things, I think that is expected. Betty is an output of the current trend in Ethiopia which glorify love for money above any other thing. The growing corruption, fraud, hatrad, etc in Ethiopia also represent the same trend. Poor Betty is a victim of our deteriorating national values. I argue, if an Ethiopian Athlet going elsewhere and competing on his/her own is to represent the country, Betty also does. Let’s discuss how we can overcome that. Betty has already gone wrong and forget her.

  21. this is the big shame for her pesonality. as far as i know she will not an ethiopian. we ethiopian grow with culture, believes, with respection of societal values, social norms. moreover with grow with honesty , bravery, by no means she will not represent ethiopians. we are different, we don’t have such girl in our soiciety.

  22. @Humanity,doing M.Sc is not a big deal.You should never mention it. Being educated is good but we all need a behavioral change. What makes this case so complicated is that she did it more than once in front of a camera. I know that it is her right but she is a matured girl. Are you willing to be a student if she is going to be your teacher? Do you allow your sister/brother to be a student of this girl. I left these questions for you? Be frank while you answer these questions. So many people are dying of HIV due to unsafe sex.What makes a porn star different from this girl is that, she is becoming a well known international/Educated porn star.Everybody can see her movie very easily as well her kids in the near future. For the timebeing,it might not give her sense. Once again @Humanity,you may be an expert in your stream,you may be a scientist but dont mention your status for the future.How much money you are earning,like 60,000 birr or 7000 euro per month if you live abroad.How many pulications do you have?Impact factor?We consider oursleves like an educated person but the reality is the revesre one.I am not going to judge you but I was laughing while I read this phrase” for your information I am psychology student who is doing her master, so I am considered educated”.Gut für Sie.Bon pour vous.Good for you.

  23. This is the worst show i have ever seen, Betty cant represent Africans and Ethiopians.My opinion this show should be terminated . We Ethiopians are very very disappointed. Let me ask the Owner of show what our children as African can they will learn from it? Porno , prostitution or what ? i ashamed you as African , This is not our culture.I am advised Ethiopian government should take action for those who spoil the Ethiopian image ,culture and dignity . I hope it will never happen again .

  24. There are much more such ethiopians, why you think her case is critical? Now a days it is like a culture in the new generation, she is demonstrating the culture. To me she is correct!

  25. It is not the culture of the greet Ethiopian People. Hope the Big Brother Africa keep the people of Ethiopians Ethical and culture behavior. I appreciate your efferent to evict hear from the contest and the post in TV hear naked body too. For your information we has some similarity with Somalia. we have a Somalia land in our territory. If she become Somalia they soon killed hear as there tribal administration. I think this is your organization Ethical Principle. For others Pleas leave Betty she ask apology in youtube for south Africa social media.

  26. Lemen endemenenaded ayegebagem betty eko denbega shermuta nubereche ethiopia west yemybedat ateta nw…denbega le genzeb skeletons yemeteshet asedaby gematam shermuta nubereche. …ahoneyaw ye porn star llemehone teferarmaleche….eshe ethiopian asedaby ….ugly shermuta….

  27. Hey Guys Every1 deserves a 2nd chance ryt? She did wt she had to do to make her way up to da top. May b she thought dt wz z ryt way. I genuinely hate wt she did but it ain’t nun extraordinary. It’s jus a reflection ov many ov our young galz mentality dis dayz. As pussy iz z only way outta poverty. No offence bitches lol !

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