Ethiopia’s First-Ever Cannes “Official Selection” – Coming-of-Age Drama ‘Lamb’


Making its World Premiere at the ongoing 2015 Cannes Film Festival is Yared Zeleke’s coming-of-age drama, “Lamb,” which marks the very first time in Cannes Film Festival history that an Ethiopian film has screened as an “Official Selection.” The country […] Continue >>

Sheba Film Festival Features “Red Leaves” Starring Debebe Eshetu

Red Leaves - Shabbat dinner

The renown Ethiopian actor Debebe Eshetu plays the lead role in the new award-winning Ethiopian-Israeli movie Red Leaves (debut film by director Bazi Gete) that explores complicated issues related to immigration, family, culture, and the process of adopting to a […] Continue >>

Girma Yifrashewa’s blend of European piano and Ethiopian music


“There is no place in Ethiopia where Girma could do this!” an immigrant from Addis Ababa explained during Sunday night’s intermission at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club. “People there don’t pay attenton to classical music. It’s all cultural, traditional […] Continue >>

Africa Music Awards [AFRIMA] unveil 2015 calendar in Addis Ababa

Africa Music Awards

The calendar of this year’s All Africa Music Awards [AFRIMA] has been unveiled in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The ceremony which took place at the African Union Commission Secretariat was in conjunction with the African Union Commission [AUC]. The event attracted […] Continue >>

Honoring Ethiopian music pioneers

Honoring Ethiopian music pioneers

The graceful hall of the Ethiopian National Theatre was full of several renowned musicians in the Ethiopian industry. Excitement was in the air and most of them were eagerly waiting for the ceremony to begin while talking to each other. […] Continue >>

Paris, London, Addis Ababa? Ethiopia’s future is fashion forward

Ethiopia is renowned for for its intricately woven cotton fabrics.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CNN)The country has an international supermodel. It has a world-renown designer, a centuries-old textile industry, and its very own fashion school. It’s Ethiopia, and it’s perched to hit the global fashion industry by storm. “I do see […] Continue >>

The Massacre of Debre Libanos – If Only I Were That Warrior

The Massacre of Debre Libanos

The idea for If Only I Were That Warrior, took shape in February 2013 when director Valerio Ciriaci and producer Isaak Liptzin attended a panel discussion on the recently inaugurated monument to Rodolfo Graziani organized by the Calandra Italian American […] Continue >>

Q&A: How A Former Model Built A Dream School In Ethiopia


A decade ago Seeds of Africa was merely an idea Worku had to create an educational program in Adama, Ethiopia, and ultimately build what she now calls the Dream School, a school meeting international educational standards for Ethiopian students. Seeds […] Continue >>

Addis Nightlife during Lent

Club H2O

The lenten season has its own distinctive flavor not only in Ethiopia but also in different parts of the world. For a country where diets are heavily laden with beef, the notion of giving up meat for about two months […] Continue >>

Showbiz : The Making of Amharic Serial Movies

mogachoch : The Making of Amharic Serial Movies

Not in the very distant past, prime time programming in Ethiopia consisted of nothing more than shows focusing on social life in the country, short dramas on the Sunday afternoon show, then known simply as 120, referring to its duration, […] Continue >>

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