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EDU/Edyou/ left message 12.06.2014, 12:56PM:

I was born in addis and after I became 4 or 5 years old I went to Ginch town where I learnt speaking Oromeffal, of course I am not OROMO. After 20 years I came back to Sheger where I live now. Ali is my hero singer, cause the way he sing is so different and have modernity when I compare with the rest of ours/Ethiopian/ singers. He has everything what expected from the best. Actually, I am not good enough to express artistically for being I don't have the knowledge for music but I can judge who is the best, Ali Birra is the best in Ethiopian music history.

Mohammed Gobeze left message 06.09.2013, 11:46AM:

Ali kenya nuf jiraadhu fayyaa fi umri dhertun sif hawwa. Dargagoota oromoo kan abdi boruu at'an kan biyya kessaa fi biyya ala jiranif gorsaa fi qajeelchadha. Ati ija ummata oromooti hamtu tee na hin dhagessissin. Buli!!

ambo left message 20.06.2013, 05:03AM:

I'm a big fan of legend Ali Birra. May God give u long life. I hope i'll see you in person one day.

Tewodros Reta left message 26.03.2013, 02:28PM:

Your Excellency Dr. Ali Bira I don't Sweet words that can express my hearty appreciation I have for are our Icons. Your contribution will be remembered forever. You are simply, THE BEST OF BESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abdul omar left message 24.12.2012, 12:38AM:

You are simply created for music the word you said really touches my heart. i know how we musicians feel when we listen your song. i don't think so we will get best singer like 1000000 thousand year. You are the best singer in Ethiopia.
God bless you Ali Bira strives to provide a safe and secure platform for established Ethiopian artists as well as new and upcoming Ethiopian talents to share their Ethiopian music with the rest of the Ethiopian community worldwide.
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Ali Birra
Ali Birra

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Ethiopian Music Artist List

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Abbush Zallaqaa
Abby Lakew
Abdu Kiar
Abeba Desalegn
Abebe Teka
Abinet Agonafir
Abonesh Adinew
Abraham Afewerki
Abraham Gebremedhin
Abrehet Abdu
Ahmed Teshome
Aklilu Seyum
Alemayehu Eshete
Alem Kebede
Ali Birra
Anteneh Werku
Aregahegn Worash
Asnakech Werku
Aster Aweke
Aziz Hagos
Bezuayehu Demissie
Bizunesh Bekele
Chalachew Ashenafi
Dawit Melesse
Desalegn Mersha
Ejigayehu Shibabaw (GIGI)
Elias Tebabel
Ephrem Tamiru
Eyob Mekonnen
Fikradis Nekatibeb
Gedion Daniel
Genene Haile
Genet Masresha
Gerawork Nekatibeb
Getachew Kassa
Gete Anley
Getu Omahirie
Gossaye Tesfaye
Hagos Gebrehiwet
Haileyesus Girma
Hailiye Tadesse
Haimanot Girma
Hamelmal Abate
Hana Shenkute
Henok Abebe
Helen Berhe
Hibist Tiruneh
Hirut Beqele
Jacky Gosee
Jah Lude
Kasa Tesema
kennedy Mengesha
Kiros Alemayehu
Koysha Seta
Kuku Sebsebe
Madingo Afework
Mahlet Gebregiorgis
Mahmoud Ahmed
Manalemosh Dibo
Mary Armede
Melkamu Tebeje
Menelik Wossenachew
Mesfin Abebe
Mesfin Bekele
Mezmur Yohannes
Michael Belayneh
Micaiah Behailu
Muluken Melesse
Nati Haile
Neway Debebe
Nigusuu Taammiraat
Rahel Yohannes
Sayat Demissie
Semahegn Belew
Shewandagne Hailu
Sileshi Demissae (Gash Abera Mola)
Solomon Haile
Tamrat Desta
Tamrat Mola
Teddy Afro
Tekle Tesfazghi
Tewodros Tadesse
Tibebu Werkiye
Tigist Afework
Tigist Bekele
Tigist Fantahun
Tigist Weyesso
Tilahun Gessesse
Tirhas Tareqe
Tsedenia Gebremarkos
Tsegaye Eshetu
Tsehay Yohannes
Woubeshet Feseha
Yirdaw Tenaw
Yoseph Gebre (Jossy)
Zeritu Kebede